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 long8電纜產品廣泛應用在萬科、碧桂園等多個大型房地產企業的項目;同時是南方電網、國家電網合格供應商。long8電纜產品先后用于廣州白云國際機場、廣州科學城 、廣州大學城 、廣東奧林匹克體育中心、東莞市國際會展中心、深圳創維科技工業園 、香港鳳凰衛視深圳基地、深圳地鐵、重慶希爾頓酒店、鄭州高鐵等國家級省內外重點工程項目;目前已在全國30多個地區建立了強大的銷售及服務網點,產品被全國各地客戶廣泛認可;通過多年國際市場的深耕細作,long8電纜已在歐洲、澳大利亞、東南亞、非洲等地取得良好的銷售業績,產品暢銷海外市場。






MCX Company Profile

 Dongguan citizen xing cable co., ltd. is a large-scale modern enterprise specializing in the production and sales of electric wires and cables. It was established on October 1, 1988. The company in line with the "pragmatic, enterprising, lean, innovative" business management concept, to striver as the foundation, to the moral as the model, the cohesion of a group of modern enterprise management experience and operation ability of the industry elite. Nearly 30 years of professional production experience has created a "pursuit of excellent quality, choose minxing cable" good customer reputation.

 Long8 cable products are widely used in vanke, country garden and other large real estate enterprises projects; At the same time, China southern power grid, state grid qualified suppliers. People hing cable products have been used to guangzhou baiyun international airport, guangzhou science city, guangzhou university town, the guangdong Olympic sports center, dongguan international convention and exhibition center, shenzhen skyworth base of science and technology industrial park, shenzhen, Hong Kong phoenix TV, Hilton chongqing, zhengzhou, shenzhen metro national both key engineering projects such as high-speed rail; At present, it has established strong sales and service outlets in more than 30 regions in China, and its products are widely recognized by customers all over the country. Through years of deep cultivation in the international market, minxing cable has achieved good sales performance in Europe, Australia, southeast Asia, Africa and other places, and its products are sold well in overseas markets.

 Long8 cable carries out research and development, production, sales, service "one-stop" system, with modern production lines and complete precision testing equipment, in strict accordance with national and international standards for product research and development and production organization. The company's main products are: home wiring, 35kV and below power cables, mineral insulated fire cables, aluminum alloy cables, control cables, pre-branch cables; There are low smoke halogen series, fire retardant series, anti - ant and anti - rodent series, irradiation cross - contact series, low temperature resistant series, rubber series, etc.

 People hing cable since its inception, always adhere to the "quality to be established, sincere service" the management idea, form a good reputation in the industry, the brand value of 1.97 billion yuan, has won the high and new technology enterprise, the brand products of guangdong province, the famous brand, China's real estate cable 10 strong suppliers, enterprise of observing contract and a series of honor; It has passed ISO9001 certification, national CCC certification, international standard product certification, eu CE/CB certification, UK BASEC standard certification, Australian SAA standard certification and a series of qualifications. We sincerely invite new and old friends from all walks of life to visit us for guidance, deepen understanding and sincere cooperation.

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